Postponing the inevitable?

Mercury and Venus, hand-in-hand in the last degree of Virgo, beg us to focus on the tasks at hand in spite of distractions. Even though something important needs to be brought to completion, it’s so much easier to divert our attention to just about anything else. When Mercury’s retrograde cycle commences on Wednesday, the MessengerContinue reading “Postponing the inevitable?”

Setting boundaries: Saturn-Neptune square 

I’m on the North Sea coast near Hadrian’s Wall, erected to keep out the barbarians by the Roman army after their emperor’s visit in A.D. 122. Relaxing at Tynemouth Beach on this historic sea coast got me thinking about the current Saturn-Neptune square. While the Roman Empire is no longer, Hadrian’s Wall still stands fromContinue reading “Setting boundaries: Saturn-Neptune square “

The Hill of Tara: sacred spaces 

Exploring the verdant magic of the Dublin countryside could keep one busy for days. I had five hours, barely enough to scratch the surface of the ancient burial and ceremonial grounds at the Hill of Tara, which date back four millennia before the birth of Christ. Sitting under the dramatic sky near an ancient fertilityContinue reading “The Hill of Tara: sacred spaces “

Bringing what’s invisible into being 

What happens when we take ourselves on a journey, to somewhere we’ve never been before? I’m heading to the lands of faeries to find out!   It’s the place our mind goes when we slow down our doing body and read, daydream, paint, or garden. We lose ourselves to other ways of being.  It’s whatContinue reading “Bringing what’s invisible into being “

Resurfacing: Mars-Saturn and Neptune

With all the Virgo energy happening, you might think I intend to wax lyrical about home improvements. Nope. It’s another kind of repair job I had in mind. The one needed in our criminal justice system. Today a friend posted this link to a Spike Lee-Michael Jackson music video collaboration that disappeared for a while.Continue reading “Resurfacing: Mars-Saturn and Neptune”

Half empty or half full? Living and loving with a Virgo lens

We might be excused for thinking the cup is half empty, that the world is indeed off its rocker. The never-ending supply of news bytes bombarding us each day suggests that this is so. It’s easy to feel depleted. Fortunately, the energy of the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter, all in Virgo at the moment, is availableContinue reading “Half empty or half full? Living and loving with a Virgo lens”

Venus-Chiron and Ubuntu

I slipped a copy of Radical Dharma into my daypack, in hopes of finishing the chapter entitled, Remembering Love: an Informal Contemplation on Healing, during the morning commute.  When I am able to show up to my own suffering, I can also show up to yours. Today’s Venus-Chiron opposition in the skies expressed itself in moreContinue reading “Venus-Chiron and Ubuntu”

Is there a Martian nipping at your heels?

The approach of  jet-propelled Mars in Sagittarius towards cold-by-nature Saturn harkened a gradual warming trend in their testy planetary relationship. If you haven’t felt the hot-blooded Martian nipping at your heels by now, I suggest you’re in denial.  Whatever Saturn has cautioned you against recently  is now experiencing another perspective. Mars, not a fan ofContinue reading “Is there a Martian nipping at your heels?”