Round #3: four major players 

This evening when Hillary Clinton faces off against Donald Trump in the final debate before the general election 8 November, there’ll be four potent planetary energies in attendance.  Chances are, Don’s personal favorites, the Mercury-Uranus opposition, will be front and center. That erratic, inconsistent know-it-all energy with the emotional intelligence of a lizard, will tryContinue reading “Round #3: four major players “

Managing stress: Mars-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn

It’s Archie not sure he can listen to Edith’s voice another second.  It’s what we see in grocery checkout lines: the over-tired toddler, low blood sugar, dehydrated, his favorite toy yanked away at daycare, and now mommy’s in a rush. BOOM! Being denied the lollipop, or too much of Edith’s voice in Archie’s case, isContinue reading “Managing stress: Mars-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn”

October ’16 full Moon: a doozy

How we share our thoughts and ideas is important over this sensitive, volatile weekend. Serious communication breakdowns can occur when one individual tries to dominate a conversation. Does your point of view really have more weight than someone else’s?  Think again. Assertion is not the same as bullying. No matter how passionately we hold an opinion,Continue reading “October ’16 full Moon: a doozy”