New moon in Sagittarius: taking aim

There’s enough exhaustion going around these days to sink a ship, yet this Sag new Moon offers a glimmer of hope, a kernel of truth, the promise of a new horizon, and with any luck a reason to smile. Yes, there are powerful and sobering influences involved, with Juno at its side and Saturn notContinue reading “New moon in Sagittarius: taking aim”

The cost of truth, the price of integrity

There’s a price to pay at the till when we buy something, and another when we cast a vote or enter a relationship or partnership. Often not visibly displayed, we have to look under the covers or beneath the surface to discover the real cost of our “purchase.”  Ironically, corporate America’s annual feeding frenzy “BlackContinue reading “The cost of truth, the price of integrity”

Redefining Thanksgiving: Jupiter-Pluto square

An assortment of religious separatists survived a 66 day ocean crossing in a small ship. 50% succumbed to the cold and disease during their first brutal winter on strange soil. Local peoples helped the surviving foreigners learn basic skills to increase their chances of staying alive. This could be a report on today’s news; insteadContinue reading “Redefining Thanksgiving: Jupiter-Pluto square”

Regret: Neptune’s station on the South Node

Neptune’s station somehow¬†seems the perfect time to contemplate regret, not just the post-election malaise experienced across Americ-ah, but a version that touches the deepest possible place in our collective and individual experiences, a place that poet-writer David Whyte is uniquely qualified to help us explore. David calls poetry language against which we have no defenses.Continue reading “Regret: Neptune’s station on the South Node”

Collective affirms beliefs: Neptune stations direct

Neptune is a signifier of our collective beliefs and ideals; a great cosmic antenna which senses those unseen, invisible forces that make us a coherent (or incoherent) whole. It is the cell wall of our consciousness, where we welcome what nourishes and release what is spent or what poisons. It is our boundary setting, ourContinue reading “Collective affirms beliefs: Neptune stations direct”

Engaging the stillpoint: Neptune’s station

The last few days of an intense Scorpio month coincides with a Neptune station. From 18-21 November, Neptune inhabits the same place in the sky from our Earthly perspective as it shifts from retrograde to direct motion, a virtual stillpoint preceding the next wave of transformational energy.  Successfully holding into stillness requires self-regulation. Given the currentContinue reading “Engaging the stillpoint: Neptune’s station”

Super Moon in Taurus: trauma and the lessons of history

The Super Moon in Taurus brings us face to face with a super challenge: finding a sense of calm and a piece of solid ground to stand on during this time of upheaval and intensely felt emotion.  The following excerpts from: indicate that peoples who are feeling threatened are harkening back to the lessons ofContinue reading “Super Moon in Taurus: trauma and the lessons of history”

All creatures great and small

Today begins with a watery trine between the Moon and Mercury, bringing mind and emotion into synchrony. It’s a day to see the extraordinary in the ordinary, to be inspired by what is normally overlooked, to express ourselves through poetry and the simple art of living, communicating gratitude towards those who make a difference, forContinue reading “All creatures great and small”