Setting the bar for 2017

Yesterday’s new Moon in Capricorn provides an energetic push to set sights on the year ahead. Action-oriented and earthy, it fuels ambition and asks us to aim high and work for tangible results.  With Uranus in Aries now decidedly in forward motion, somewhere in our lives each of us actively seeks the freedom to exploreContinue reading “Setting the bar for 2017”

Feeling the love with friends and community: Venus in Aquarius

There’s no guarantee that the holidays will find you in the warm embrace of family. Many are alone, separated from loved ones by choice or happenstance. Feelings of isolation can be amplified when media bombards us with romantic images depicting how the holidays are meant to be. This year Venus in Aquarius offers an alternative:Continue reading “Feeling the love with friends and community: Venus in Aquarius”

December solstice 2016

Tomorrow, December 21st, Solstice… the Sun reaches as far south as it gets.  In the north, we mourn its distance, wrapped up and huddled in the dark, praying for its return, its warmth, its light, the long, languorous days. We turn inwards for warmth, protection, for reflection. In the South, we strip off our clothesContinue reading “December solstice 2016”

December’s shifting terrain

From departures and losses around Chiron’s station, to surprising arrivals and allegiances following Venus’ ingress to Aquarius, topped off by the Gemini Full Moon earlier this week, the first half of December has been anything but placid. Unpredictable-shocking-unstable-bizarre-frenetic: YES on all counts. Next week the terrain continues to shift on Monday as Mercury enters itsContinue reading “December’s shifting terrain”

Ghost Ship S.O.S. and the station of Chiron

Late late Thursday night I gave up trying to finish writing some thoughts on the Chiron Station. Tomorrow’s another day, I said to myself. It was, for this astrologer anyway. Friday morning at 7:23am I published the piece, a few miles  from Oakland’s Fruitvale neighborhood where Ghost Ship would morph into a deadly inferno forContinue reading “Ghost Ship S.O.S. and the station of Chiron”

Chiron stations direct: S.O.S.

It was the end of June, remember? Something or someone was disappearing before our very eyes. The proverbial sinking ship was of such importance that life without it was simply unimaginable.  After five difficult months trying to keep it afloat at whatever cost it’s reckoning time as Chiron stations direct. Either we have an inkling that something worthwhileContinue reading “Chiron stations direct: S.O.S.”