The Power of Love: Venus hots up the Fire Rooster.

How appropriate for Mars ingress into Aries on 28 January to usher in the Chinese Year of the Fire Rooster. Everyone is inflamed; even social media’s little blue bird is feeling the heat.   This impatient and fearless Mars is itchy for action and sometimes cruising for a fight. Be aware of how you channel this energy.Continue reading “The Power of Love: Venus hots up the Fire Rooster.”

Aquarius: the revolution gathers energy

If you’ve been accused of being a bleeding heart lately, chalk it up to Venus approaching wounded-healer Chiron. If you’ve heard someone say that the women’s marches were just a bunch of people with nothing better to do than pussy-foot around, consider the fact that this revolution began with Mars in the last degrees of Pisces.Continue reading “Aquarius: the revolution gathers energy”

R.I.P. Clare Hollingworth,  October 10, 1911-January 10, 2017

The gutsy rookie who scooped the story of the 1939 German invasion of Poland, launching a long career as a war correspondent after little more than a week into a new job with Britain’s Daily Telegraph, died this week on the cusp of a lunation that aptly describes this “doyenne of war correspondents.” Moon inContinue reading “R.I.P. Clare Hollingworth,  October 10, 1911-January 10, 2017”

This week’s Cardinal Grand Cross: a four ring circus

The year’s first lunation has all the ingredients of a really big shew. Coming this week to bigtop near you, the Fab Four, a Cardinal Grand Cross. Chaotic Uranus in Aries ruffles feathers for a living; Jupiter in Libra grabs for the biggest headline; the full Moon in Cancer will do anything to protect her homeContinue reading “This week’s Cardinal Grand Cross: a four ring circus”

5-10 January: Mercury stations at 29 degrees Sagittarius

Ah yes, bridging business with intelligence, responsibility with communications and advertising, the great challenges of this Mercury station, at the International CES convening this week in Las Vegas. One of the world’s largest extravaganzas for tech consumers is showcasing all the new gizmos this very week: high-definition TVs, smart-home accessories and drones. Wow, did youContinue reading “5-10 January: Mercury stations at 29 degrees Sagittarius”