Chiron has Oscar in hand

The wounding and exclusion of people of color so long at play in the Neptunian industry of film making came into exaggerated focus last night, and Chiron had the final word. Scheduled on a solar eclipse in Pisces, how could we not expect the Wounded Healer to be included in the Academy Awards? After all,Continue reading “Chiron has Oscar in hand”

Eclipse action at the Oscars

The Oscars finale had all the makings of a Neptunian who dun it. Oscar acted like a slippery fish in #LalaLand’s hands and, after several moments of confusion on stage, ended up basking in the #Moonlight.   Word has it that Mars-Uranus-Eris playing opposite Jupiter are all up for consideration in their best supporting rolesContinue reading “Eclipse action at the Oscars”

Lot’s wife ~ February’s solar eclipse 

The Mars-Uranus conjunction in Aries ushering in this weekend’s solar eclipse need not be a scary fire-breathing dragon, unless, that’s what it takes to generate a rush of adrenaline to propel us forward.  Whatever the struggle, be it illness, a disappearing bank balance, writer’s block, grief, a painful break-up, job insecurity…the time for suffering inContinue reading “Lot’s wife ~ February’s solar eclipse “

Passionate Regeneration: Mars squares Pluto

Mars in Aries’ youthful, quick, impulsive physicality triggers Pluto in Capricorn’s ponderous intensity and desire for control, as the two planets square off Wednesday. Exaggeration inflames social, economic and geo-political situations. Follow any trail where the currency is abuse of power, wealth or authority. In the personal sphere, keep ego in check. Sharpen perceptions soContinue reading “Passionate Regeneration: Mars squares Pluto”

Sun enters Pisces: addressing exhaustion

 The onslaught of 2017 has forced us to tap resources we didn’t even know we had. Coping with changes in our personal circumstances and collective reality has been demanding for everybody, discouraging for some. Waking up congested this morning, I remembered how many people in my little world have used words like “low energy,Continue reading “Sun enters Pisces: addressing exhaustion”

Dangerous liaison: Mars-Venus in Aries

With both Venus and Mars approaching unpredictable Uranus in warlike Aries, the USA finds itself in a rather precarious situation. Who are allies? Who are adversaries?  The sordid details of the new President’s relationship (Venus) with a traditional adversary of the State (Mars) and how he came to hold the nation’s highest office have yetContinue reading “Dangerous liaison: Mars-Venus in Aries”

Lunar eclipse week: Where is your dragon headed?

With Jupiter stationing retrograde in Libra today, Mercury entering Aquarius tomorrow and a lunar eclipse at 22 degrees Leo on Friday with the spice of Venus-Mars-Uranus in Aries, we’ve entered a week that asks us to:   re-evaluate allegiances and renegotiate without losing ground,  envision and articulate the future we want, and then  let ourContinue reading “Lunar eclipse week: Where is your dragon headed?”