Aries new Moon: Nothing ventured, nothing gained

The Sun and Moon, Mercury and Uranus, and Venus retrograde, a spontaneous bunch of hooligans in Aries, are assembled to launch a potent lunar cycle today. Primed for action, open to new ideas and unusual approaches, these firebrands are ready to risk, shoot from the hip, and learn as they go. Whether your efforts todayContinue reading “Aries new Moon: Nothing ventured, nothing gained”

Artist-Activist: Aries Venus Star Point

Today Venus aligns with the Sun and Earth at 4 degrees Aries 57′, taking another step in a beguiling geometric dance that forms a five pointed star pattern in the sky every eight years. Venus has long been associated with beauty and harmony in large part because of this graceful enactment of cosmic art inContinue reading “Artist-Activist: Aries Venus Star Point”

Monday to Monday: a potent season opener

This April 2016 Boston Globe photo may be so last season, but it captures the energy of the season opener for the new astrological year rather perfectly, at least for this improper Bostonian. Three old-timers, Bobby Orr, Bill Russell and David Ortiz, all champion athletes for Boston teams, are shown throwing the first pitch for last year’s RedContinue reading “Monday to Monday: a potent season opener”

Spring forward on Sunday’s full Moon

Removing the Piscean soup from the top of the celestial menu will be on the agenda for Sunday’s full Moon. Its Virgo perspective offers earthy, practical analytics: dispense with lame excuses, climb out of the weeds, and become resourced for the next cycle.  This will be a team event: Sensitive Sun-Chiron is desperate to feelContinue reading “Spring forward on Sunday’s full Moon”

Cosmic Choreography:     As above, so below 

The retrograde period of Venus is a perfect time to recognize the partnership of the Earth and Venus in their dance around the Sun. It looks something like this: Their skydance is an unfoldment of shapes very recognizable in our Earth-based library, the five-pointed star and the five-petaled flower.  It’s both strangely comfortingContinue reading “Cosmic Choreography:     As above, so below “

Immune system blues: Sun-Neptune conjunction 

Flagging under the high heat of summer in the Southern Hemisphere? Suffering through a long, dark winter in the North? Boundary setting functions are challenged by today’s Sun-Neptune conjunction, creating conditions that are ripe for weakened immune response. Cold and flu tend to strike up North, where winter keeps us stuck indoors breathing all sortsContinue reading “Immune system blues: Sun-Neptune conjunction “