Death by hanging: how to change a marriage law.

Ahead of a vote scheduled May 15, this eerie photo was taken in Beirut where women hung wedding dresses along a beachfront to protest an archaic law allowing rapists to avoid punishment by marrying their victims. With the look of corpses “swaying in the breeze,” the 31 dresses represent the days of the month thatContinue reading “Death by hanging: how to change a marriage law.”

Not just Sleepless in SeattleĀ 

Did you toss and turn last night? You’re not alone! With Venus-Chiron in Pisces squaring Saturn in Sagittarius, those pesky skeletons were rattling our psyches, doing just about anything to get attention. Meanwhile the Aries trio Mercury-Uranus-Moon was spinning at warp speed, searching for new perspectives on whatever has us tied in knots, so weContinue reading “Not just Sleepless in SeattleĀ “

Zero in or Zero out? You decide.

Today, the Sun and Mercury meet at Cafe Zero, down by the clear mountain stream* to share some nice food and a bottle of wine. When last they met, some six weeks ago at an undisclosed seaside location**, Mercury was in a terrible rush and left without saying much except that he planned to scoutContinue reading “Zero in or Zero out? You decide.”

Flying the white flag Easter weekend: “Suffering Psyche!”

With April’s heavy retrograde load we can’t really blame the overworked replay button for freezing up… but did it have to pause on the scary Monster lurking in our psyches? Suffering Psyche, indeed! Whether our Monster represents money, the future, career, family, health, or relationships, each of us is struggling to steer the proverbial ship as itContinue reading “Flying the white flag Easter weekend: “Suffering Psyche!””

Ghosts from the past, Meet power broker Pluto

The color of tonight’s full Moon is decidedly retrograde. Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn, cast eerie illumination on the past. Add the patina of Chiron sitting on a Venus-Saturn square, and the effects are no so subtle!   We know from new research in the field of pain management that, in the absence of brokenContinue reading “Ghosts from the past, Meet power broker Pluto”

Retrograde traffic intensifies

Today Mercury arrives on center stage in our astrological awareness, stealing focus from yesterday’s Venus-Saturn act with that thrice yearly trickster maneuver of stationing retrograde. As mythic Messenger god, Mercury’s the dude with wings that fly him hither and yon to make deals, broadcast news, spread ideas and perform the kind of magic that keepsContinue reading “Retrograde traffic intensifies”

Gogo’s weekend traffic report

The skies are a-buzz with the arrival of time-travelers, retrograding Venus and Saturn, who square-dance through and around our consciousness, reminding us of the ties that bind, of relationships with substance, the ones that have survived the tests of time-distance-loss-separation and still show up devoted and strong, wearing a burnished patina that fairly shimmers withContinue reading “Gogo’s weekend traffic report”

April’s Rx dance: Venus-Saturn square gets serious

Tomorrow Venus limps back into Pisces during her marathon through Aries. In spite of the Sun’s insistence that there’s a race happening, Venus knows full well that this is no sprint as she moves into square with Saturn for most of the month, and that slowing down to attend to injuries, hydration, and succor isContinue reading “April’s Rx dance: Venus-Saturn square gets serious”