New Moon in Gemini: Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

This full Moon has the potential to open up a new kind of dialogue in our intimate relationships. When we risk a conversation about the hidden stuff lurking between us, we expose the icy, hollowness that often describes what happens when we’re simply going through the motions. Whatever words we exchange now, the Venus-Pluto Square inContinue reading “New Moon in Gemini: Should I Stay Or Should I Go?”

Message from the Moon

A Capricorn Moon graces Mothers Day this year. Yeah, you know the one… a woman’s work is never done sort of Moon. Regardless of how or whether you celebrate, it’s a good day to acknowledge the matriarchal lineage, the women who came before, imparted their wisdom, special skills and tireless devotion to make the worldContinue reading “Message from the Moon”

Coming soon to a theater near you: Act 2, Saturn trine Uranus

  Who says “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks?”   Act 2 of Saturn trine Uranus is making an appearance 11-25 May to show us that not only is it possible to learn new ways of doing things, it’s essential. During Saturn’s trek through Sagittarius (2014-2017), the validity and consequences of our beliefs have been calledContinue reading “Coming soon to a theater near you: Act 2, Saturn trine Uranus”

Uranus-Mercury Tango in Aries: one more time, for effect 

Mercury and Uranus have not only been holding hands recently, but they’ve been in an extended embrace that looks like an electrifying tango. Taking turns leading and following, their direction is never quite predictable as they revel in surprise, completely comfortable in their eccentricity and almost nonchalant about their passion.  Right in the middle ofContinue reading “Uranus-Mercury Tango in Aries: one more time, for effect “

Whiplash prevention: Mercury is now in forward motion. 

This bending over backwards business has got to stop! You know it, I know it.  Problem is that the contortions we’ve been performing recently have a memory, in particular a somatic memory. So while it’s about time to reposition ourselves in the world, it’s also wise to proceed gently, especially where our bodies are concerned,Continue reading “Whiplash prevention: Mercury is now in forward motion. “

What a difference a day makes

Venus is singing a different tune since departing her exultation in dreamy Pisces over the weekend. Now on a daring five week traverse through Aries, she’s receiving marching orders from Mars in Gemini.  Shapeshifting almost overnight, her now  unmistakable androgynous edge announces, “I need space, room to explore, meet new people, engage in the kindContinue reading “What a difference a day makes”