No ordinary New Moon

Gestation in the safe, watery confines of the familiar has served its purpose. Mission complete.  This weekend’s new Moon at 0 degrees Leo embodies a call to action, a proverbial decision to crack open the shell that has contained our creative juices for long enough.  Inspirational Uranus and Mercury dance together playfully and skillfully, bringingContinue reading “No ordinary New Moon”

Prayer on this full Moon.

In the hours before this lunation reaches fullness, let’s consider the deep, abiding need for connection and security that each of us has.  Under the light of this full Moon, may more and more of us get to feel and remember how powerful connections become when we participate as authentic, mature, responsible individuals who considerContinue reading “Prayer on this full Moon.”

Can you handle the fire(works)?

July and fireworks go together like love and marriage here in the USA. The new month opens with a Moon-Jupiter conjunction in Libra.  It’s a celebratory and social influence. Family and close friends arrive from near and far to observe Independence Day a few days hence. Happy couples walk hand in hand, some of themContinue reading “Can you handle the fire(works)?”