Celebrate Virgo: let’s get cracking

Ring the bells that still can ring.   Forget your perfect offering    There is a crack, a crack in everything.   That’s how the light gets in. Instrument of resonance, carrier of news, from ropes in turrets or in tiny hands they’ve called people to gather, announced births and deaths and weddings, marked time forContinue reading “Celebrate Virgo: let’s get cracking”

Look up, damn it! There’s an elegant universe out there

Perseid meteor showers over an old schoolhouse, Kansas. Here we are, alive in the 21st century, being bombarded by daily reminders that our species still behaves like a bunch of Neanderthals. Yes, we have white-supremacist neo-Nazis terrorizing communities and a crazy President who enables that terror. Need some peace? Need some inspiration? Look up, damnContinue reading “Look up, damn it! There’s an elegant universe out there”

Get those ducks in a row: Mercury stations Rx in Virgo

Some experienced Mercury’s slowdown over the past couple of days like a ton of bricks, reporting headaches, falls, cotton brain, digestive maladies and emotional wobbles. But there were at least two who were able to capitalize on Mercury’s shifting speed in combination with the power and stamina of the Sun and Mars in Leo: SteeplechaseContinue reading “Get those ducks in a row: Mercury stations Rx in Virgo”

The Spoils of War and eclipses 

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan and haven’t yet seen Season seven, Episode four, read no further.  It culminated in a spectacular scene as warriors of ThDaenerys Targaryen and Jaime Lannister met on the battlefield. The confrontation came to a climax as a “Boeing-sized dragon” described Vox reporter, Alex Abad-Santos, flew down from theContinue reading “The Spoils of War and eclipses “

Warts and all: Lunar eclipse 15 degrees Aquarius

The Moon, now in Aquarius, is busy lining up with the Sun to put the big squeeze on planet Earth Monday in the form of a partial lunar eclipse. Though we can’t view the Earth’s shadow on the lunar surface from the USA, the feeling is already palpable. We keenly sense what’s involved with theseContinue reading “Warts and all: Lunar eclipse 15 degrees Aquarius”

The end of innocence: Jupiter-Pluto square

Could there be a more poignant chronicle of the USA’s loss of innocence than the three chapters of Jupiter’s square to Pluto, about to climax August 4, at a theater near you? The two planetary powerhouses have been at cross purposes since first squaring off October 21, last year.  Stress fractures are now an architecturalContinue reading “The end of innocence: Jupiter-Pluto square”