Pluto stations direct. The Playboy has passed.

The American who built an empire by taking sex out of the shadows and placing it into the spotlight is dead. The passing of Hugh Hefner hours before Pluto stations direct marks the end of an era, not only for Playboy, but for the way sex has been portrayed in the media since the magazineContinue reading “Pluto stations direct. The Playboy has passed.”

Innovate collaboratively: Part 3

What kind of changes came into your life in late December last year during the first of three Jupiter-Uranus oppositions? Hint: locate 20 degrees Aries and Libra in your natal chart. Did anything memorable rock your world in the early days of March 2017, during the second opposition? Hint: locate 22 degrees Aries and LibraContinue reading “Innovate collaboratively: Part 3”

Inch by inch, row by row: song for this Virgo new Moon

1. Locate 27-28 degrees Virgo in your natal chart 2. Tend it as if is was a precious garden. It could be a relationship, your home, school or neighborhood, your health or work, even your finances.  Here’s an old song to remind you how. I chose both the song and this version of it withContinue reading “Inch by inch, row by row: song for this Virgo new Moon”

Getting a jump on the new Moon

Monday’s Sun-Chiron opposition makes it painfully obvious that something in our lives has survived beyond its sell-by date. While it may be difficult or unpleasant to say adieu, Mercury out from its retrograde shadow uncovers what was previously obscured, making us grateful for the practical wisdom of the Moon-Mercury conjunction in Virgo, our dependable advocateContinue reading “Getting a jump on the new Moon”

On the go again

Gogo is on the go again, now that Mercury’s unshackled and direct. What a relief! That was a doozy! Between now and September 19, many will be putting Humpty back together again, even as they share detailed accounts of dramatic life events that happened during Mercury’s retrograde period.  Don’t forget to look to the heavensContinue reading “On the go again”