Jupiter in Scorpio: Is there dignity in death?

We shouldn’t be terribly surprised to see media reports of high profile families using the courts to hang out their dirty laundry for all the world to see now that Jupiter, first of the social planets, inhabits Scorpio, the sign of death and inheritance. The legal battle around the legacy of billionaire Douglas Tompkins, who diedContinue reading “Jupiter in Scorpio: Is there dignity in death?”

Sun-Jupiter in Scorpio reflections

I’m no super hero, but I do have hidden powers. I have something to share, even if it’s a drop. Difficult conversations are music to my ears. I somehow always manage to find a place to unwind. Simple pleasures give me the greatest joy. Being of service brings meaning to my life. The gift ofContinue reading “Sun-Jupiter in Scorpio reflections”

Dangerous Liaisons: Mars enters Libra, Sun enters Scorpio 

Warrior Mars now in cardinal air sign Libra may be in his detriment, but let’s remember that the wounded soldier can still deliver lethal blows. In Libra, we count on Mars to contemplate his every action. If he ardently declares love and allegiance and eloquently speaks up about it, as planets in air signs areContinue reading “Dangerous Liaisons: Mars enters Libra, Sun enters Scorpio “

So you want a job in movies, sweetheart?

As Houston mops up after Harvey the hurricane, Hollywood reels from the sordid Weinstein bombshell which landed as Jupiter was poised to enter the sign associated with obsessions, taboos, and excellent detective work. Make no mistake, Harveys have grabbed headlines because of the problems they’ve created and the power they’ve wielded. No, you don’t want to name your little guy Harvey,Continue reading “So you want a job in movies, sweetheart?”

Mars squares Saturn

Have you noticed a significant build-up of irritants and inconveniences on top of everyday duties and responsibilities over the past few weeks? Is your inner workaholic ready to call it quits? Wednesday Mars in Virgo perfects a closing square to Saturn in Sagittarius, gauging our maturity in handling life’s challenging periods. It’s the second significantContinue reading “Mars squares Saturn”

Jupiter jumps into the deep end

Could Monday get any more intense? Over the past 2.5 years under the austere gaze of Saturn in Sagittarius we’ve cultivated patience and discipline, reined in excesses, befriended frugality, and practiced walking our talk. Now with today’s Saturn’s trine to the North Node, followed in quick succession by Mercury and the Sun squaring off withContinue reading “Jupiter jumps into the deep end”

A prickly full Moon

Consider having a pair of kid gloves nearby for Thursday’s full Moon which activates the me-we polarity of the zodiac: Aries and Libra. The day begins with an impatient Aries Moon at odds with indecisive Mercury in Libra. Debates on how to proceed could go ‘round in circles, frustrating everyone involved. Fortunately industrious Venus andContinue reading “A prickly full Moon”