Mercury-Saturn at the Galactic Center: the shape of things to come

Digital Art by Casey Kotas Does anyone need help recognizing the effects of an out of bounds Mercury sidling up to Saturn at 27 degrees Sagittarius, the degree of the Galactic Center? Spend a few minutes scanning news headlines of the past few days or contemplate events unfolding at warp speed in your personal life.Continue reading “Mercury-Saturn at the Galactic Center: the shape of things to come”

Venus-Jupiter conjoin in Scorpio: when in doubt, follow the money

Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive. The powerful 7.3 earthquake which shook Iran yesterday almost pales in comparison to recent seismic happenings shaking neighboring Saudi Arabia’s political landscape. These two arch-rivals are jostling for power and influence in the volatile, oil-rich Mideast, with Yemen and Lebanon currently bearingContinue reading “Venus-Jupiter conjoin in Scorpio: when in doubt, follow the money”

Venus in Scorpio: November 7-30

Cat got your tongue, Venus?  When you entered that door marked Scorpio today, did it feel like the Moon in Cancer had your back? I know, family attachments can be a little tricky. You need them, but can you really count on them? One day they’re protective, the next moment they’re practically unrecognizable. It mustContinue reading “Venus in Scorpio: November 7-30”

Trouble in Paradise

13.4 million records exposing “tax haven secrets” of the financial elite, now known as The Paradise Papers, were leaked to German newspaper, Sueddeutsche Zeitung, shortly before Mercury departed secretive Scorpio on Sunday. As we might expect when Mercury is in Scorpio, the leak’s source was not identified. Now in Sagittarius, the Messenger planet steps intoContinue reading “Trouble in Paradise”

Dear Mercury, Is it terminal?

    Please, let the sun shine on Sunday. Let Mercury arrive with a spring in his step. It’s normal to be on tenterhooks whenever the Messenger planet arrives in Sagittarius, the sign of his detriment. He’ll need more than those stylish winged sandals (or in the case of Donald Trump, Air Force 1) to swayContinue reading “Dear Mercury, Is it terminal?”

Full Moon in Taurus: Coming to our senses

Friday night? ‘Fuhgeddaboudit’ things going as planned. They say a Venus-Uranus opposition is gonna drum up a little excitement in the ‘hood, maybe even throw a wrench into the works. Ya know, keep us on our toes, especially where connections are concerned. Who can ya trust nowadays anyway, huh? Yeah Venus-Uranus, they’re an unpredictable pair, constantly changingContinue reading “Full Moon in Taurus: Coming to our senses”