Forget annoying ankle-busters (waves too small to ride).  Ten minutes into the new year (PDT), the Moon, on her way to fullness, enters the sign of her dignity, the watery, emotionally-changeable realm of Cancer, where she’s holding court January 1st – 2nd at a beach near you. Are you ready for spectacular? ‘Dude, she’s gonnaContinue reading “RIDING THE WAVES INTO 2018: ARE YOU IN, DUDE?”

Saturn in Capricorn: You got a baby Goat! Now what?

Today we all woke up embodying Saturn’s Capricorn ingress in some way, large or small.  For the next three years we’ll be learning a lot about goats (Capricorn) and how to raise them properly. Fortunately, they’re versatile creatures: some produce milk, others meat or wool. Still others just want to be your pet. Deciding whatContinue reading “Saturn in Capricorn: You got a baby Goat! Now what?”

Getting Down to Business

No more monkeying around. Saturn’s coming home. They say his arrival in Capricorn was timed just ahead of the stationing Sun (solstice) to remind everyone who’s boss. He’ll be there when we wake up Wednesday morning. I heard he’s the serious type, big on commitment and respect, zero tolerance for excess, a little scary. TheyContinue reading “Getting Down to Business”

Weekend wild card? Bets are on the Moon

With half the planets now in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius, one might expect the weekend to be downright boisterous. Yet at this zodiac gala, the boss (Saturn) is feeling old and tired. He stands at the exit (29 degrees Sagittarius) ready to go home (Capricorn) at the first opportunity. If truth be told, he dreads events likeContinue reading “Weekend wild card? Bets are on the Moon”

The first one now will later be last: Mercury Rx 29 Sag

We’ve just been through a sobering Mercury-Saturn conjunction on the Galactic Center. Today Venus has entered fun-loving Sagittarius. On some level we’re all so ready for a break. Imagine the luck!  You’re in the front car of a roller coaster (Mercury in Sagittarius).  Initially, the ride is fast, furious, and exciting.  Then you feel it, decelerationContinue reading “The first one now will later be last: Mercury Rx 29 Sag”