Henry VIII, Donald Trump, and the yoga of Mars-Pluto Rx in Capricorn

The primordial standing pose in yoga, Tadasana or Mountain Pose, steadies the breath, assesses concentration and focus, supports awareness of where and how we stand in the world, and prepares us for action. Ask any serious yogi: to actively, intentionally stand in stillness like a mountain is not as easy as it looks. To theContinue reading “Henry VIII, Donald Trump, and the yoga of Mars-Pluto Rx in Capricorn”

I WILL SURVIVE: Chiron’s Aries ingress

This morning Chiron begins a new 50 year cycle through the zodiac at 0 deg. Aries, a place it hasn’t visited since 1968, a very hot year indeed. What does Chiron’s Aries ingress mean for those of us who may feel, for one reason or another, that we’ve got about as much vitality as aContinue reading “I WILL SURVIVE: Chiron’s Aries ingress”

Malefic Monday: OOB Mars-Saturn conjoin in Capricorn

Monday, April 2, astrology’s two traditional malefics, Mars and Saturn, conjoin in success-oriented Capricorn (8 deg 57′) for the first time this century. Mars’ ambition is for new territory; Saturn’s is to hold onto what’s already been conquered. Impatient, passionate, and youthful, Mars perceives Saturn as a stick in the mud, out-of-date, an obstacle toContinue reading “Malefic Monday: OOB Mars-Saturn conjoin in Capricorn”