Peace out, Chicago: #UAC2018

On May 23, I had the immense privilege of traveling to Chicago to join 1500 astrologers from around the world in expanding our collective knowledge and understanding of this vast field. One workshop, sixteen lectures, and many conversations later, I left before sunrise on May 29, under the light of the full Moon in expansiveContinue reading “Peace out, Chicago: #UAC2018”

Knickers in a twist? It’s only Mars in Aquarius

We may look back on today as an historical turning point in our lives, with three important astrological events occurring within 24 hours. A new Moon in Taurus focuses our attention on practical needs going forward. Change-agent Uranus, winds up an exhausting seven year rampage through Aries, and winds down into slow, earthy Taurus forContinue reading “Knickers in a twist? It’s only Mars in Aquarius”

Heartbeat: a dark night in Iowa

At 2:30am on May 2, 2018, while most women were fast asleep, Iowa’s legislature voted to ban abortion once a fetal heartbeat is detected. Medically speaking that’s around six weeks, when the embryo is roughly the size of a pea, often before a woman even realizes she’s pregnant. If Iowa’s pro-life governor, Kim Reynolds, signsContinue reading “Heartbeat: a dark night in Iowa”