Peace out, Chicago: #UAC2018

On May 23, I had the immense privilege of traveling to Chicago to join 1500 astrologers from around the world in expanding our collective knowledge and understanding of this vast field. One workshop, sixteen lectures, and many conversations later, I left before sunrise on May 29, under the light of the full Moon in expansive Sagittarius, feeling suitably pregnant with all I had experienced during #UAC2018.

Whatever it is that intends to be born out of those memorable seven days will always carry the signature of this rose bush I pruned for a dear friend 11 days earlier in her Denver, CO garden. She sent this photo through on Memorial Day, proof of a fine pruning job. Only then did I learn its name, Chicago Peace. Seriously folks, you can’t make this sh*t up!!!!

I could easily go crazy expounding on the astrological connections my relationship with this rose bush embodies, from the luminaries right on through the solar system. Another time perhaps.

For now, what truly speaks is the blossoming of both the individual and the collective in each magnificent stage of development, from newbie to wise elder, from budding astrologer to teacher-practitioner in full flower. The Chicago Peace reminds me that there is always an opportunity to learn new things and to share our beauty, no matter how long we’ve been planted on this amazing Earth.

I am awed.

Until we meet again, Peace out, Chicago! #ChicagoPeace


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