Surviving zodiacal whiplash in 2018

How’s that neck feeling? You know, after that one-two planetary punch delivered May 15-16, when unpredictable Uranus fell into reality bites Taurus and impatient Mars entered experimental Aquarius? The good news: we survived zodiacal whiplash. A few felt dazed right away, particularly anyone with personal planets or angles at 0-1 degrees of early fixed signs.Continue reading “Surviving zodiacal whiplash in 2018”

Swimming in the deep end?

Las lágrimas de Narciso (2006), de Guillermo Pérez Villalta. Surely, you’ve felt it. How could you not? Tides are already high in this full Moon week, then add a grand trine in the zodiac’s water signs featuring: love goddess Venus, out of bounds in Cancer, who wants it all:  romance, family, devotion, protection, kids, the wholeContinue reading “Swimming in the deep end?”