Swimming in the deep end?

 Las lágrimas de Narciso (2006), de Guillermo Pérez Villalta.

Las lágrimas de Narciso (2006), de Guillermo Pérez Villalta.

Surely, you’ve felt it. How could you not?

Tides are already high in this full Moon week, then add a grand trine in the zodiac’s water signs featuring:

  • love goddess Venus, out of bounds in Cancer, who wants it all:  romance, family, devotion, protection, kids, the whole ball of wax;
  • preserver of justice, Jupiter, retrograde in Scorpio, who’s NOT above using underhanded tactics to maintain his power and position in the realm; and
  • sea god Neptune, in mysterious Pisces, ruling the depths of the unconscious, churning up the good, the bad, and the ugly in our collective experience.

Each of the three represents big-ass planetary energy individually. Collectively, they challenge us to either sink or swim in a pool of fluctuating emotions and intense sensitivity that for some may border on extreme. And you thought the grand water trine an easy, creative aspect pattern!

Keep in mind the power of the ocean. We can play and frolic in the shallows, loll on its surface, or drown in its depths.

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 6.24.06 PM.pngIf you’re going for the frolick or loll option, but sense you’re in danger of sinking, check in with that Mercury- N. Node- Saturn YOD bi-secting the grand water trine. Are you:

  • communicating clearly, keeping the big picture in mind;
  • leading with humility, mindful that you’re not the only star in the sky;
  • being accountable and taking responsibility for your actions?

That’s the way to go with the flow this weekend.  Let me know how your swimming lessons are coming along!


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3 thoughts on “Swimming in the deep end?

  1. I feel right at home it seems..i have moon in Taurus opposing the Jupiter transit. Saturn in cancer and my Jupiter Pisces is in mutual reception squared my say Neptune sag.. However, the warning is well recieved…i have a Pluto first house and I am a triple Scorpio…yea deep pools..


  2. Everyone needs to learn new ways of seeing so we can swim the cosmic ocean. Kali Yuga is sending Global Warming Eclipse wave that started in 2017 and on April 8, 2024 the wave will have done its work, some might call it Trump but the wave is bigger. The nation is having a Saturn return with Pluto-Mars in the mix when using the Nations true chart of 1814 it is freaky!!!


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