Slippin into darkness: Insanity or genius?

Thinking about this new Moon-eclipse, an old song I haven’t heard in decades played in my head all afternoon. The year was 1971. War, a multi-ethnic Longbeach fusion band, was touring in London when Slippin into Darkness was conceived. Guitarist and band frontman, Howard E. Scott, a Compton CA boy, was trying on a pair of boots that were tooContinue reading “Slippin into darkness: Insanity or genius?”

POTUS on SCOTUS: a new social disease?

The POTUS announced that he would nominate the next justice of SCOTUS Monday night. Here’s the chart for that announcement and a few astro comments.    The chart’s Sun in Cancer indicates the probability that a woman will be nominated or at the very least that issues surrounding motherhood will play a key role inContinue reading “POTUS on SCOTUS: a new social disease?”