POTUS on SCOTUS: a new social disease?

The POTUS announced that he would nominate the next justice of SCOTUS Monday night. Here’s the chart for that announcement and a few astro comments. 
The chart’s Sun in Cancer indicates the probability that a woman will be nominated or at the very least that issues surrounding motherhood will play a key role in this nomination. The Sun-Pluto opposition along the 6th-12th house axis suggests a nominee proposed by behind-the-scenes conservative forces on behalf of POTUS, in an attempt to insure that old white men have the final say in women’s reproductive health.
The 7th-9th house Mercury-Jupiter Rx square suggests that the public’s attitudes towards marriage-partnership-divorce are at odds with religious zealots, who are naturally keen to have their beliefs reflected in the high court. Mercury in Leo’s opposition to Mars Rx in Aquarius along the 1st-7th house axis promises public resistance to the choice of nominee, while Mars Rx’s trine to the Moon in opinionated Gemini assures that opinions shared will be loud and plentiful.
Does anyone else interpret the 6th-9th-2nd house Sun-Jupiter-Neptune trine as a nominee who values legal protection for the unborn and traditional concepts of motherhood?
Venus, planetary symbol for the younger woman, in the last degree of Leo suggests a female from the upper class. Venus trines to 12th house Saturn in Capricorn and 3rd house Uranus in Taurus promise a nominee with a cozy, if unusual, relationship with the conservative ruling party. The Uranian influence could indicate a new face from conservative ranks. Venus’ square to 4th house Moon in Gemini reflects a nominee who is not at ease, conversant, or familiar with the needs- feelings-opinions of women from the democratic/ opposition party, or for that matter with the opinions of the older sitting female Supreme Court Justices, Ginsburg and Sotomayor.
Image result for image supreme court and abortion
I’m curious to hear what you see in this chart.  

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4 thoughts on “POTUS on SCOTUS: a new social disease?

  1. Hello Mary. What popped out at me is the north node of the announcement time is only a half degree away from the US n node in Sibleys chart. So I quickly overlayed this time onto the US chart; announcement moon is 4 degrees from US Uranus, and the announcement asc is less than 2 degrees from US Pluto. If the announcement happens at this time, it is another fated/kismet revolutionary & transformative event for the US. Id like to take more time studying all this but i dont have any more spare time before tonight. We shall see.


  2. Lets see if Trump actually makes an announcement of his nominee on Monday evening. He is such a big fan of the “Friday Night News Dump”


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