Three words and a browser: For What It’s Worth

On July 24, while watering the garden and daydreaming about the much anticipated Mars at perigee during the total lunar eclipse, a small crouching tiger interrupted my reverie. I imagined the orange fur ball as the embodiment of Mars retrograde, poised for action, exquisitely vigilant, perfectly still.  In the confines of the small garden, heContinue reading “Three words and a browser: For What It’s Worth”

Gogo resists tantrums when Mercury Rx strikes

Gogo sitting cross-legged on her cosmic tuffet trying to self-regulate after Mercury’s latest trickster maneuver. To have worked long and hard on a blogpost only to have it disappear into some nebulous corner of cyberspace is maddening and embarrassing. I know how Mercury Rx works. FFS, I’m an astrologer! How could I have been soContinue reading “Gogo resists tantrums when Mercury Rx strikes”