Part 2: Past meets Present, Earth meets Sky

As you learned in the previous post, my friend and I arrived in Green River, UT September 16, on time for that memorable Sunday sunset. What I wasn’t aware of, until we settled in for the night, was that the Washington Post (WAPO) had published an Investigations piece a few hours earlier by Emma Brown and herContinue reading “Part 2: Past meets Present, Earth meets Sky”

Past meets present, Earth meets sky.

Even astrologers need a break from the mundane. So when a dear friend and colleague, recently back from overseas and in delicate health, explained that she needed to get herself and her car from Santa Fe to Northern California on time for her nephew’s equinox nuptials, I did some quick math. My work calendar hadContinue reading “Past meets present, Earth meets sky.”

DIY to your heart’s content: new Moon in Virgo

Gogo’s favorite new Moon of the year happens Sunday September 9, 11:01am PDT at 17 degrees Virgo. The light is magical as the season shifts from summer to autumn in the north, winter to spring in the south. Daily rhythms change: we harvest and prepare for winter above the equator; and spring clean and sproutContinue reading “DIY to your heart’s content: new Moon in Virgo”

Radical deconstruction of Saturn Rx ends with a thud

Since April 17 at 6:47pm PDT when Saturn stationed retrograde at 9 degrees Capricorn and the Sun-Uranus conjoined at 28 degrees Aries, our lives have been undergoing a radical deconstruction. Think of it as the baby who learns to topple a stack of blocks before she learns to build something with them. What a mess. SometimesContinue reading “Radical deconstruction of Saturn Rx ends with a thud”