DIY to your heart’s content: new Moon in Virgo

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Gogo’s favorite new Moon of the year happens Sunday September 9, 11:01am PDT at 17 degrees Virgo. The light is magical as the season shifts from summer to autumn in the north, winter to spring in the south. Daily rhythms change: we harvest and prepare for winter above the equator; and spring clean and sprout seeds for planting below.

Where ever you are on the planet, Virgo’s new Moon energy takes pleasure in creating order out of chaos. Being purposeful feels good. We take pride in the fruits of our labor. Where does the new Moon fall in your natal chart?  That’s where you’re being invited to clean up your act, pay attention to detail, start a new activity or craft, and be more productive generally.

During this particular new Moon, the planets are constellating in earth signs to help us focus on health-work-and the real value of things. The Sun-Moon-Mercury (our purpose-habits-thoughts) are in improvement-oriented Virgo, Mars-Saturn-Pluto (our actions, responsibilities, and desire for renewal) are on an upward climb through slow, steady Capricorn, and Uranus (our innovator and change agent) is in beauty and material-oriented Taurus. Got a DIY project in mind?  This is your new Moon!

Nine hours beforehand, Venus moves into Scorpio, so part of your DIY experience may involve sharing. Superficiality gets the boot, depth-passion-authenticity define this project. In fact, don’t even bother unless you’re all in! It may cost you, but it’ll be worth it.

Three hours before new Moon, she moves into opposition with mystical-imaginative Neptune. Dream your project into being, then apply your gentle intelligence and clear communication to make it happen, especially if working in partnership.  Moon-Neptune aspects can be mighty sensitive.

If you’re taking on something really big, remember that often the magic is in the little things. Take a nap if you feel cranky or manic. In fact, a together nap is not a bad idea at all. Remember, DIY is about making things, all sorts of things.


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