Hope’s name is November

Doorways to the other world were flung open yesterday at sunset. Goblins and faeries, carousing dinosaurs and unicorns, not to mention diminutive fire-breathing Ruth Bader Ginsburgs, paraded through darkened neighborhoods for a few hours in search of sugar, applause and community. Their costumes, masks and playful antics invited us to re-imagine what’s possible.

mystical doorway

That other world of Halloween now segues into a month jammed with swinging doors to reverse into or walk through, daring us to hope.

The November short list:

Nov. 5-6: Sun trine Neptune at 13 deg. Scorpio-Pisces. Try your ideals on for size.Do they fit?  Exercise them.

Nov. 6: (USA election day) Uranus temporarily leaves Taurus and backs into Aries for the next four months: old issues challenge, demanding action or change; PLUS the lunar nodes shift into the Cancer/Capricorn axis. How would it feel to prioritize the home-front over the workplace, the heart-space over the headspace, for the next 18 months? what would that look like?

Nov. 7:  A new Moon at 15 deg. Scorpio sows the seed for a new, deeper, more meaningful kind of sharing.

Nov. 8: For the first time in 12 years, Jupiter enters Sagittarius, where he’ll remain the next 13 months. Envision your future, set goals, aim high.

Nov. 15: Action planet Mars swims into Pisces. I’m already feeling a certain amount of relief, considering he was in Aquarius FOREVER. Relief aside, it’s best to prepare for busyness in the Pisces sector of your chart over the next six weeks. Dare to become your very own imagineer/ artist. How might you dedicate yourself to compassionate service?

Nov. 16: Venus stations direct at 25 deg. Libra in the wee hours. Thank the goddess! That ugly retrograde turf war around love/money is behind us, right?. We have a wiser, clearer perspective now about how to share and get along. Right?  Hold your horses. Don’t gallop into the sunset just yet. Mercury stations retrograde at 13 deg Sagittarius later in the day, giving us a three week opportunity to re-evaluate beliefs and opinions. Do try communicating in someone else’s language for a change. Practice being your humble, authentic self, please.

Nov. 22: USA Thanksgiving begins with the Sun entering expansive, jovial Sagittarius and ends with a full Moon at 0 deg. Gemini. As your celebration culminates, the stomach may feel heavy, but keep the conversation light.

Nov. 24: Neptune stations direct at 13 deg Pisces. Should you choose to accept it, your mission is to practice devotion with good boundaries. Rinse and repeat for the next 6 months.

Nov. 25: The Sun conjoins Jupiter at 3 deg. Sagittarius. Did I just mention boundaries? This conjunction is OTT energy. Handle with care, confidence, and optimism. No jumping on the beds. Go outside and play, please!

Nov. 27: Mercury conjoins Jupiter at 4 deg. Sagittarius. Planning for the future comes to mind. Visualizations help. Set intentions.

Nov. 30: The month ends with the last of three Venus-Uranus oppositions at 29 deg Libra-Aries. We get a final opportunity to practice excitement instead of upset when faced with a situation that’s out of (our) control. What triggered you during the other two oppositions (Sept 12 and Oct 31)?  How would the wiser you handle a similar situation today? Kid gloves or fists?

November’s Reading List:

Listen to the Mustn'ts

Walk through each door with head up and eyes open.











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