Take 2: If at first you don’t succeed

Sometimes past efforts can seem like a dismal failure because we didn’t reach the desired outcome. Other times a past success is a springboard to something else or something even better. It’s all in our perspective. Here’s a photo by @KyleinCpt on Facebook (yes, that’s Kyle of Cape Town, South Africa). His first try wasContinue reading “Take 2: If at first you don’t succeed”

Hope’s name is November

Doorways to the other world were flung open yesterday at sunset. Goblins and faeries, carousing dinosaurs and unicorns, not to mention diminutive fire-breathing Ruth Bader Ginsburgs, paraded through darkened neighborhoods for a few hours in search of sugar, applause and community. Their costumes, masks and playful antics invited us to re-imagine what’s possible. That otherContinue reading “Hope’s name is November”

Part 3: Past meets present, Earth meets sky

Monday morning, September 17, we set out from Green River, UT. With a Libra Ascendant and Venus soon to rise, neither of us had any doubt that beauty would once again be our companion on the lonely highways of the American West.   Yet we experienced little of the ebullience of our first day onContinue reading “Part 3: Past meets present, Earth meets sky”

Part 2: Past meets Present, Earth meets Sky

As you learned in the previous post, my friend and I arrived in Green River, UT September 16, on time for that memorable Sunday sunset. What I wasn’t aware of, until we settled in for the night, was that the Washington Post (WAPO) had published an Investigations piece a few hours earlier by Emma Brown and herContinue reading “Part 2: Past meets Present, Earth meets Sky”

Past meets present, Earth meets sky.

Even astrologers need a break from the mundane. So when a dear friend and colleague, recently back from overseas and in delicate health, explained that she needed to get herself and her car from Santa Fe to Northern California on time for her nephew’s equinox nuptials, I did some quick math. My work calendar hadContinue reading “Past meets present, Earth meets sky.”