DIY to your heart’s content: new Moon in Virgo

Gogo’s favorite new Moon of the year happens Sunday September 9, 11:01am PDT at 17 degrees Virgo. The light is magical as the season shifts from summer to autumn in the north, winter to spring in the south. Daily rhythms change: we harvest and prepare for winter above the equator; and spring clean and sproutContinue reading “DIY to your heart’s content: new Moon in Virgo”

Radical deconstruction of Saturn Rx ends with a thud

Since April 17 at 6:47pm PDT when Saturn stationed retrograde at 9 degrees Capricorn and the Sun-Uranus conjoined at 28 degrees Aries, our lives have been undergoing a radical deconstruction. Think of it as the baby who learns to topple a stack of blocks before she learns to build something with them. What a mess. SometimesContinue reading “Radical deconstruction of Saturn Rx ends with a thud”

Three words and a browser: For What It’s Worth

On July 24, while watering the garden and daydreaming about the much anticipated Mars at perigee during the total lunar eclipse, a small crouching tiger interrupted my reverie. I imagined the orange fur ball as the embodiment of Mars retrograde, poised for action, exquisitely vigilant, perfectly still.  In the confines of the small garden, heContinue reading “Three words and a browser: For What It’s Worth”

Gogo resists tantrums when Mercury Rx strikes

Gogo sitting cross-legged on her cosmic tuffet trying to self-regulate after Mercury’s latest trickster maneuver. To have worked long and hard on a blogpost only to have it disappear into some nebulous corner of cyberspace is maddening and embarrassing. I know how Mercury Rx works. FFS, I’m an astrologer! How could I have been soContinue reading “Gogo resists tantrums when Mercury Rx strikes”

Slippin into darkness: Insanity or genius?

Thinking about this new Moon-eclipse, an old song I haven’t heard in decades played in my head all afternoon. The year was 1971. War, a multi-ethnic Longbeach fusion band, was touring in London when Slippin into Darkness was conceived. Guitarist and band frontman, Howard E. Scott, a Compton CA boy, was trying on a pair of boots that were tooContinue reading “Slippin into darkness: Insanity or genius?”

POTUS on SCOTUS: a new social disease?

The POTUS announced that he would nominate the next justice of SCOTUS Monday night. Here’s the chart for that announcement and a few astro comments.    The chart’s Sun in Cancer indicates the probability that a woman will be nominated or at the very least that issues surrounding motherhood will play a key role inContinue reading “POTUS on SCOTUS: a new social disease?”

Surviving zodiacal whiplash in 2018

How’s that neck feeling? You know, after that one-two planetary punch delivered May 15-16, when unpredictable Uranus fell into reality bites Taurus and impatient Mars entered experimental Aquarius? The good news: we survived zodiacal whiplash. A few felt dazed right away, particularly anyone with personal planets or angles at 0-1 degrees of early fixed signs.Continue reading “Surviving zodiacal whiplash in 2018”

Swimming in the deep end?

Las lágrimas de Narciso (2006), de Guillermo Pérez Villalta. Surely, you’ve felt it. How could you not? Tides are already high in this full Moon week, then add a grand trine in the zodiac’s water signs featuring: love goddess Venus, out of bounds in Cancer, who wants it all:  romance, family, devotion, protection, kids, the wholeContinue reading “Swimming in the deep end?”

Peace out, Chicago: #UAC2018

On May 23, I had the immense privilege of traveling to Chicago to join 1500 astrologers from around the world in expanding our collective knowledge and understanding of this vast field. One workshop, sixteen lectures, and many conversations later, I left before sunrise on May 29, under the light of the full Moon in expansiveContinue reading “Peace out, Chicago: #UAC2018”

Knickers in a twist? It’s only Mars in Aquarius

We may look back on today as an historical turning point in our lives, with three important astrological events occurring within 24 hours. A new Moon in Taurus focuses our attention on practical needs going forward. Change-agent Uranus, winds up an exhausting seven year rampage through Aries, and winds down into slow, earthy Taurus forContinue reading “Knickers in a twist? It’s only Mars in Aquarius”