Body as metaphor

Saturn, lord of time, is a tough task master. These old bones are shouting, “You’re out of shape!”

Yesterday I was excited to explore new turf in the Marin headlands. Hiking over seven miles, ups and downs, through fog and back into sunshine, was beautiful and exhilarating. Lungs burned on the initial climbs, knees and feet on the final descent. The immediate rewards were stunning views and the company of friends, but finding a comfortable sleeping pose later that night was an aching reminder that, in all worthy endeavors, preparation is essential.

Thanks for the lesson, Saturn. Forward motion will be a bit more humble today as I search for the Epsom salts.


Saturn stations direct

Last night’s dreamscape was neither fanciful nor restful. The focus was study-work. Ideas darted around my sleeping brain pointing to new possibilities in my exploration of this vast field of astrology, a perfect theme for Saturn (hard work, bringing something to form) in Sagittarius (higher mind, study, teaching).

Now that Saturn’s motion is again direct in the sign of the Archer, the way is open for each of us to bring something new into focus, a container or platform for thoughts and ideas, something that can inspire and make a difference in our work, our lives, and in the world.

With the Sun in the last decan of Leo, it’s got to have a mature and creative element! For me, it’s this new blog.

Let me hear about the ideas and thoughts you hope to develop in the coming months!

WTF is a Saturn station?

Or more politely phrased, what do astrologers mean when they speak about the stations of planets, and why should I care?

Our planetary neighbors each have their own peculiar orbits around the sun, and for part of the year appear, from our point of view, to be moving backwards.  Astrologers call this retrograde motion. You’re probably familiar with Mercury retrograde, since this little spitfire changes his mind and direction between three and four times a year.

The act of any planet appearing to slow, stop, and then change direction is called a station. Astrologers believe that stations coincide with events that provoke change of one flavor or another, depending upon the energy of the stationing planet.

This current Saturn station involves slowing its retrograde motion, stopping, and changing direction to move forward again.  What kind of change is in store?  Saturn, being a gate-keeper of sorts, ensures that the theme involves responsibility, work, discipline, and self-control.

Saturn’s station is playing out right now in the Olympics where athletes, who’ve put their all into mastery of various techniques and maneuvers, perform on the world stage for all to see and judge. Saturn’s at play in their serious demeanors, in how they handle pressure, and ultimately in how the experience either triumph or defeat.

In Saturn,  A New Look at an Old Devil, Liz Greene says, “There is no fast and easy method of making a friend of Saturn,  but if one is persistent…it’s possible to extract gold.”    



Saturn Station

There’s nothing quite like a Saturn station to provoke a sense of exhaustion, or the fear that our efforts have amounted to nothing. In the doldrums we can feel hopeless because nothing appears to be happening.

This is exactly the right time to remember life’s ebbs and flows.  Appreciate the sense of stillness, where all possibility resides.  Breathe consciously through whatever discomfort or frustration plagues you.  Get extra rest, and when you decide to be active, choose that which inspires.

Inspiration may be closer than you think.  Don’t miss this year’s shower.  It’s supposed to be stellar!