Gogo resists tantrums when Mercury Rx strikes

Gogo sitting cross-legged on her cosmic tuffet trying to self-regulate after Mercury’s latest trickster maneuver.

To have worked long and hard on a blogpost only to have it disappear into some nebulous corner of cyberspace is maddening and embarrassing. I know how Mercury Rx works. FFS, I’m an astrologer! How could I have been so sloppy about backing up the final draft?

With the Sun on my natal 3rd house Pluto and Mercury Rx opposite natal Mercury… what was I thinking? My mind was on finishing the post to share with you, certainly not on tech malfunctions.

For supper there’s humble pie, and then early to bed. Tomorrow is another day, after all, and who knows how Mercury’s handiwork will play out?

I hope your retrograde experiences are more interesting than mine.

Thanks for your patience!


Published by Mary Louise

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