Take 2: If at first you don’t succeed

Sometimes past efforts can seem like a dismal failure because we didn’t reach the desired outcome. Other times a past success is a springboard to something else or something even better. It’s all in our perspective.

Here’s a photo by @KyleinCpt on Facebook (yes, that’s Kyle of Cape Town, South Africa). His first try was far from a dismal failure, as you’ll read. But this more recent effort, stitched together from photos shot on the very same night, create an image that’s to me both sublimely feminine and heroically spectacular! Somehow it reminded me of this full Moon, a SuperMoon in Virgo, which happens to conjoin the fixed royal star, Regulus.

About Kyle’s process:

In April last year I posted a photo of the milky way over Lion’s Head which went viral on facebook reaching over 2 million people. Today I unveil Milky Way over Lion’s Head 2.0 😜.

This is a separate set of images I took on that same night spanning across Camps Bay. This panorama is made up of 15 images taken with my nikon D600 and loawa 12mm lens at 15 sec f4 iso1600. Stitching these photos was quite a challenge due to the lens distortion of the super wide 12mm as well as trying to stitch images made up of faint stars, but after some trial and error I finally came out with this image. I must say I don’t think it came out that badly :).

On a side note what helped make this image possible was the low fog over Camps Bay which helped dissipate some of the extreme light pollution, making the core more visible.

How do we get from here to there when we don’t know the way? Kyle’s photo helps me imagine a chariot of stars to take us where we need to be. It shows that we mustn’t be afraid to make mistakes: his process of trial and error led to a brilliant result. And like Kyle, we can even use negative environmental factors to our advantage, if we persist. Good lessons for a Full SuperMoon in Virgo.

“All heroines eventually return home,” says Dream astrologer, Gary Caton in his January 24, article on magical winter transits, published on Astrology.com:

“This full moon is conjunct Regulus, aka Cor Leonisor the Heart of the Lion. A royal star, Regulus grants success when you channel passions toward the highest, most refined goals. Together, a supermoon on a royal star feels rather heroic!”

May this Virgo full moon light our way forward, be it near or far. May it inspire us to cobble together elements of previous efforts to create something new and useful and beautifully healthful for our surrounds and their inhabitants. May it fill us with courage to tackle the work that lies ahead, and may it gift us with the strength and confidence to persist.


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