Knickers in a twist? It’s only Mars in Aquarius

We may look back on today as an historical turning point in our lives, with three important astrological events occurring within 24 hours.

  1. A new Moon in Taurus focuses our attention on practical needs going forward.
  2. Change-agent Uranus, winds up an exhausting seven year rampage through Aries, and winds down into slow, earthy Taurus for long-term focus on our planet and the material resources we require for survival.
  3. Action planet Mars enters inventive Aquarius, firing us up to create a new operating system for our future.

Not a fan of the unusual syncopated rhythms of jazz? Hopefully by November 14, Mars in Aquarius will have changed all that. We’ll have plenty of opportunities to get our knickers in a twist in the coming months. For now, as this quirky, contrarian Mars up-ends an old way of being, let’s learn to dance with it. Remember we’re going places we never knew existed.

Oh, The Places You'll Go

                                      Plan all you want. Make contingencies, too.                                   Do let me know how that works for you.

It’s nigh impossible to operate in concrete-sequential mode during an abstract-random cycle that demands our full engagement. Opportunities appear out of nowhere, new people and ideas arrive like lightning bolts, an old lifestyle suddenly ends, and we must respond.

Change may not be either convenient or comfortable, but it does unblock us for something new, be it a job, home, lifestyle, relationship, or way of thinking. Mars wants ACTION and Aquarius wants that action to be innovative and freeing.

Reticent about moving toward a new frontier?

Thanks to its upcoming retrograde cycle, Mars hangs in Aquarius for the lion’s share of six months, a proverbial boot camp for the uninitiated. For anyone under age 47, this is a true first. The rest of us may be old enough to remember 1971, the last Mars Rx in Aquarius year. I certainly do. It coincided with the end of a major life chapter as I left home for university, and embraced a whole new universe of experiences. I remember like it was yesterday. It was THAT powerful.

Our survival instincts are now being primed for the future, my friends. Through November, we can expect a fair amount of to-ing and fro-ing, as well as twists and turns along the path while we become adept at Mars in Aquarius coping strategies. Just when there seems to be a comfortable rhythm, another event will come along to grab our attention or shake us out of complacency. As Mars travels back and forth across the Moon’s South node in the months ahead, we’ll come face to face with stuff that doesn’t belong in our future. Trust that we’ll know when it’s time for the heave-ho.

It won’t be boring.

The experimental-scientific-alchemical edge of Aquarius does NOT abide by either prejudice or ignorance. Combined with the passion and courage of Mars, anything’s possible.

Our new operating systems are officially under construction with this Mars ingress. Exciting times.


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